Made with stone-ground flour and always naturally leavened, RKB bread is aromatic, flavourful, and nutritious. We believe in a "slow rise" process where dough gets an extra long fermentation. This accomplishes two things: it breaks down flour so that it's ultimately easier for our bodies to digest and it yields better flavour and texture in your loaf. Unless otherwise stated, all bread is made of four simple ingredients: flour, water, salt, and leaven. This makes all bread (with the exception of the brioche) dairy free/vegan.


All of our pastries/treats are made from scratch with real butter and organic cane sugar. There are staple treats made year-round, and special ones made with seasonal fruit sourced from Nova Scotia farmers.


All of our flour comes from two Canadian stone mills, Speerville Flour Mill (New Brunswick) and Meunerie Milanaise (Quebec). Both mills provide high quality organic flour and offer a variety of alternative grains, like spelt and Kamut. We prefer stone-milled flour over steel-roller milled flour because the grain's integrity and nutritional value is preserved in the process. It is an ancient form of milling that has been regaining popularity among artisan bakers and millers all over the world.